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Going through the foreclosure process can be an incredibly stressful period of your life. Answers cannot be obtained because the banks are overwhelmed with people similar to you. Deadlines for loan modifications or similar workouts pass without any word from the banks. You may also be unsure whether you will owe the foreclosing bank money at the end of the process.

Quite simply, banks simply do not have the manpower to answer all of your home foreclosure questions because of the millions of people like you. We can evaluate your situation and let you know what rights you may have as the debtor in a home foreclosure. Our lawyers will provide you with a free initial consultation (up to 30-minutes). It is important to remember that (i) not everyone can be helped; and (ii) the foreclosure process may not be the worst thing for you. We will provide you with our honest opinions and let you make the decisions from that point.

Regardless of whether you retain us to assist you, we would like to provide you some tips that may assist you and hopefully make your life less stressful.

? Record the dates, times, and discussion of a call with the bank. (Written record is fine).

? Keep all foreclosure paperwork from any company or agency that sends you information during the foreclosure process

? Locate your deed, deed of trust, loan application, closing statement (HUD-1), etc.

? If you are missing ANY closing or pre-closing documents, such as the loan application, request those from the bank.

? Locate the assignment of the deed of trust and/or loan servicer paperwork (if any).

? Review the security instrument (deed of trust or home equity security instrument).

? If it is a home equity foreclosure, you are most likely going through a judicial foreclosure. Print and review the home equity loan foreclosure procedures published by the Texas Supreme Court: Procedures Related to Home Equity Loan Foreclosure.

? You may also print and review Article 16, Section 50 of the Texas Constitution that maintains the laws regarding home equity loans. Texas Home Equity Loan Laws (Article 16, Section 50)

? Unless it is an attorney, DO NOT PAY SOMEONE TO NEGOTIATE A LOAN MODIFICATION FOR YOU. Most often, it is a scam.

? Review the documents, especially the deed of trust.