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  • How Does an HOA Foreclosure Affect the Mortgage and What Happens to the Surplus Funds.

    Im writing a quick follow-up to my last post, Redeeming a Home Following an HOA Foreclosure, to answer a few questions that people have. First, the reader needs to understand a little bit about the HOA foreclosure process in Texas. Ill try to explain it by working through an example. Make the following assumptions: The more »
  • Redeeming a Home Following an HOA Foreclosure

    Homeowners associations. They maintain the value of the most prized assets. Yet, they are like the game wardens of the housing industry, they can take one’s most valuable property with very limited judicial interaction. How did they get this power? Is it restricted? What options does a homeowner have after an HOA foreclosure? These are more »
  • Security Deposits, Normal Wear and Tear, and Deductions

    As a real estate attorney, I often get calls from landlords and tenants about security deposits on move-out. From what I can tell, it is the most disputed aspect of any lease. The following is a typical story. The tenant resides in the premises for a year or two. Upon move-out, the tenant broom-cleans the more »
  • Remington Series 700 Recall

    I’m going to go a little off my normal topic with this post. Many of my clients and friends are hunters, and there is an important safety recall and voluntary replacement to be made on the Remington 700 series rifles. The guns seem to be capable of firing without pulling the trigger (like closing the more »
  • Frisco, Texas November 4, 2014 General Election Results

    The General Election for the year 2014 is now over. The votes have been counted. Out of 489,032 registered voters in Collin County, 177,821 ballots were submitted, which is a turnout of 36.36%. Out of 409,334 registered voters in Denton County, 144,732 ballots were submitted, which is a turnout of 35.36%. One of the crazier results took place more »
  • Frisco Elections-November 4, 2014

    It’s that time of year again, Frisco residents. To prepare for tomorrow’s election, I have provided most of the races on which Frisco residents will vote tomorrow. We have a couple of familiar names. George P. Bush is running for Commissioner of the General Land Office. Quanah Parker is running for Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place more »
  • Interview with TexasHomesForSale

    Buying short sale homes is a trying and sometimes complicated process. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of being interviewed by TexasHomesForSale regarding how an attorney could assist a homebuyer through the short sale process. The following is the link to my interview with www.TexasHomesForSale.com .  
  • What to Know about Lease Extensions

    When preparing a residential lease agreement, most landlords will choose a fixed-term tenancy. Essentially all the residential leases attorneys draft have fixed-terms. However, landlords often get into a situation where the tenant needs two to three extra months before their next residence is ready. Often, landlords are cautious to extend for such a short period more »